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    Interesting facts about wholesale

    Wholesale is the indispensable link between the economic levels of industry, trade and retail. Wholesalers’ customers are retail companies, the hospitality industry, downstream regional wholesalers or processing commercial and industrial companies. Not only new goods are in demand, but also services, organisation, logistics and marketing. Wholesale trade has a turnover of 600 billion. Wholesale trade […] More

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    Where and how to print your photos?

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    Want to immortalise the holiday photos you took with your smartphone or digital camera on paper? This guide will help you find the best option, depending on your expectations and budget. Using an online photo service You surf to the website of a photo service or retail chain that offers this service. Sometimes you have […] More

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    15 simple ways to attract customers to your shop

    The most frequently asked question right now, I think. “How do I attract customers to my shop?” Well, it takes a lot more effort these days to drag that consumer off the sofa and entice them to visit your shop. In any case, sitting still yourself is not an option. You have to get to […] More

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    Pros and cons of self-employment


    Are you considering starting as a self-employed entrepreneur? Do you still have doubts about this? Then read on quickly. This article lists the pros and cons of self-employment for you. Degree of certainty A big disadvantage of being self-employed is that you have less security. This is also one of the common reasons why people […] More