Get tanned faster? These 10 tips will help you!

With the sunny days approaching again, you must be curious about ways to get a faster tan. After all, getting a nice tan is something many of us would like. Especially after a long dark winter with lots of rainy days. How do you make sure you get a faster tan in the sun? In this article, we will give you 10 tips that will help you get tanned quickly and responsibly.

Wondering how to get a tan faster? Read which 10 tips can help you with this.

  1. Scrub your skin before sunbathing
    Scrubbing removes all dead skin cells. It makes your skin ‘ready’ for the sun, so to speak. If you’re planning a lovely afternoon of sunbathing, make sure you give your skin a good scrub the day before. Besides getting a faster tan from this, the colour will also last longer.
  2. Build up your tan gradually
    If you want a quick tan, it is a good idea to check the sun strength. Keep a close eye on the UV index to see when the sun is at its strongest. This is often between 12 noon and 2am. If there is a Uv index of 6, you will soon get a tan. The important thing is that you build up the colour gradually. Don’t spend hours in the sun immediately, but choose a build-up process.
  3. Choose the right sunscreen
    Picking a good sunscreen will help you tan responsibly. Which type of sunscreen is good for your skin is different for each person. Do you have very light skin? Then you need at least factor 30 to protect your skin properly.

Also be aware that you can tan in the shade. This is because part of the UV radiation is reflected from the ground. Sunscreen is therefore recommended even in the shade.

  1. Wear little or no make-up
    Want to tan faster? Then wear no or little make-up. When there is a lot of foundation on your skin, the sun is absorbed less quickly and you will not tan as quickly.
  2. Use a Body Blur
    Would you rather avoid the sun for a while? Use Body Blur. Body Blur is a combination of self-tanning body lotion and BB cream. Body Blur therefore not only gives you a nice tan, it also removes blemishes.
  3. Sunbathing by the water
    Sunbathing by the water can make you tan faster. Water causes reflection and reflection results in a faster tan. Want to tan faster? Then go sunbathe by the water.
  4. Exercise in the sun
    People who exercise in the sun tan faster. This is because the body catches sunlight from all sides when you move. Besides, you are not deliberately working on getting a tan. By exercising, you keep yourself busy and tan without even realising it.
  5. Adapted diet
    You might not believe it, but it really is possible. Eating certain foods will help you tan faster. Carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene. This makes you tan faster. Tomatoes should also have a positive effect on your skin when it comes to getting a tan.
  6. Apply aftersun
    Applying aftersun after an afternoon in the sun is incredibly good for your skin. It conditions and repairs the skin after being in the sun and makes the tan last longer. Want to enjoy your beautiful tan for a long time? Then opt for a good aftersun.
  7. Hydrate
    Healthy skin tans faster and stays tanned longer. Make sure you keep your skin well moisturised. You can do this with a good moisturiser.

Can you tan behind glass?

The above tips will help you tan faster, but what about sunbathing behind glass? Glass blocks some of the UV radiation. This means you won’t tan quickly if you decide to sunbathe indoors. However, glass can never block all UV radiation. So after some time, you can indeed get a tan.

How to stay tanned longer

The above 10 tips will help you tan faster. Did you know that these tips will also help you keep your tan longer? Especially building up your tan, rubbing the skin with a good aftersun and keeping it optimally moisturised will help you enjoy a nice tan for longer. And who doesn’t want that?

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