These facts and myths about hay fever you didn’t know yet

The hay fever season is upon us again, and that means watery eyes and runny noses for hay fever sufferers. As many as 1 in 6 people suffer from this, but fortunately there are good medications available that can counteract these symptoms. Stories about this annoying allergy circulate every year, but which stories are true? We have listed some facts and myths about hay fever.

No need to see a doctor for hay fever

This is a myth. If you have severe symptoms that cannot be treated with a simple nasal spray, it is advisable to see a doctor. These costs are simply reimbursed from your basic insurance, and you do not pay any excess. A GP can prescribe the right medication so you can walk through spring without watery eyes.

Hay fever only occurs in spring

This is a fable. Most plants flower between February and September, with the peak being in May and June. This does not mean that you cannot suffer from hay fever in April, for example. If a mild winter has prevailed, the chances of an early start to the hay fever period are considerable, so it could be as early as March or April, but many people still suffer from this allergy even after June.

Most hay fever medications can be bought at the drugstore

This is a fact. Many different medications can be bought at the drugstore, so you don’t necessarily have to go to the GP for medication. If you go to a drugstore, and mention that you suffer from hay fever, they will provide you with the right medication. These are available without a prescription, and usually in stock. There’s bound to be a chemist on your corner, so stock up on a few boxes.

You’ll never get rid of hay fever again

This is a fable. Some people suffer from hay fever all their lives, others get it later in life. There are also people who have had it half their lives, and just got rid of it later in life. Doctors still do not know exactly what causes this, but the symptoms can diminish at any point in your life. So you don’t have to be stuck with it all your life.

A shower of rain helps against hay fever

This is a fact. People suffer from hay fever because of the pollen in the air. When it rains, the pollen in the air decreases, and so do the symptoms. Most people literally get more air during or after a rain when they suffer from hay fever, so a rain shower is a relief for people who suffer from this annoying allergy.

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