Tips remove insects and bird droppings from your car

We all suffer from it from time to time: bird droppings stubbornly stuck to the car’s paintwork. Bugs are also difficult to remove, and you obviously don’t want the car’s paintwork to be affected. With the trick we cover in this article, a trip to the carwash is unnecessary, as this hack will have you removing full-on bird droppings and insects from your car in no time.

Bird droppings and bugs

It is frustrating when you park your clean car under a tree, only to find out later that it was the favourite tree of a flock of birds. Bird poo is difficult to remove from the car, especially if the sun has been shining on it heavily. The acid in the poo can also cause the car’s paintwork to tarnish, leaving light spots. And that is the last thing you want.

The same goes for insects. If you are driving along a dyke, or going on holiday, your car is the last thing thousands of insects see before they go back to their creator. The remains of all those mosquitoes are difficult to remove, so you soon reach for a pressure washer or have to go back to the carwash. For both problems, we have found a trick that makes it easy to remove those stubborn spots.

This trick will have your car clean in no time

It is important that you soften the remains of insects and dried-in bird droppings, after which it is easier to remove. Of course, you don’t want to start scratching, or spend hours with a sponge and a bucket. Leave that bucket of water for now, as it can come in handy for this trick. Also have a few newspapers handy, no matter what date they are from.

First, pour a generous amount of water over the insect remains and bird droppings, then put a few double-folded newspapers on top. You also soak these newspapers by pouring a generous amount of water over them. Then wait for half an hour. If you then remove the newspaper, it is simple to remove the insect remains and bird droppings with a dry cloth. This way, you save on the car wash, and also spend a lot less time cleaning the car.

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