Tips to have an ice-cold wine in no time

Summer is on its way again, and then we can enjoy a cold wine extra. But what if you have bought a bottle of wine that you actually want to have at temperature as soon as possible? In the supermarket they are sold at room temperature, but (white) wine drinks best when it is chilled. With the hacks below, you will have that wine at the right temperature in no time, so you can enjoy a cold drink quickly.

Ice-cold wine on a summer day

It is very annoying when you have bought a bottle of wine in the supermarket and have to wait an hour for the fridge to do its job. After all, you want to enjoy a cold refreshment as soon as possible when the sun is shining nicely. Even if you go on a picnic or to the beach, for example, you prefer to take an ice-cold drink with you. But if you buy a bottle of wine at the last minute, that can become a time problem.

Without a doubt, the wisest thing to do is to be prepared, and buy a bottle of wine the day before, allowing it to reach the right temperature overnight in the fridge. But what if, in a spontaneous mood, you fancy an ice-cold wine? We have some valuable tips that will get that wine to an ice-cold temperature within minutes, and that’s valuable information on a sunny day.

Throw frozen grapes into your wine

The first thing you probably think of is using ice cubes. It’s a logical thought, but when an ice cube melts, it adds water to the wine, and that detracts from the flavour. A shame! The best thing to do in this case is to add a few frozen grapes to your wine. This way you cool your wine effectively, and it looks nice too. Of course, you should throw some grapes in your freezer just in case.

Throw salt in a wine cooler

We’ll assume for a moment that, in addition to a bottle of wine, you also bought a bag of ice cubes to chill it. That helps, but you can speed up the cooling process with salt. Get a wine cooler (or a bucket, etc). Fill it half with water, the other half with ice cubes. If you then add two big spoons of salt to it, the ice will melt faster, cooling your bottle of wine faster.

Use kitchen roll

If you have room to spare in the freezer then it’s undoubtedly a good idea to put the bottle of wine in the freezer for a while because, after all, it cools faster than in the fridge. If you wrap a wet kitchen towel around the bottle you will see that the cooling process goes considerably faster. You can then serve an ice-cold wine within 15 minutes. If you don’t have kitchen roll, you can also use a wet tea towel.

Use the supermarket freezer

If you go shopping, you will soon be 15 minutes away. If you hide a bottle of wine among the frozen foods in the supermarket, and then make your rounds in the shop, the wine will be chilled before you leave the store, saving time. Just make sure you hide it out of sight of other customers, otherwise someone else will run off with your cold wine.

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